Beginners Boating Tuition (Port River)

$120 for 2-hour Beginner Tuition Session

Includes boat hire and tuition. This is recommended as the first session for a comprehensive theory and practical overview.

$60 for 1-hour Session

Includes boat hire and tuition

If you’re thinking of getting your boat license or even if you have one but have never driven a boat or are not confident enough to skipper yourself and mates, let us help you get experience. 


Includes everything from launching, handling, towing, tiller and forward steering and understanding the boating rules so when you sit for your license or hire or purchase a boat you are ready to go and have some boating skills and confidence in your ability to handle a boat on the water.

Boat Tuition Image.jpg

Please contact us online for booking enquiries.

Advanced Boating Tuition 

$80 / hour Advanced Boating Session

Includes hire of the 6.1m Barcrusher, Fuel and Tuition.

If you are ready to head offshore but are not sure on where to start in regards to handling a much bigger boat then we can help get you confident in all aspects of offshore boating. From towing a boat weighing well over a tonne, to driving the boat on and off the trailer, to safely handling a larger vessel in much more open water.


Handling a bigger boat can be daunting but can also be a lot of fun, so don’t let fear hold you back. Get behind the wheel of the Barcrusher and open up a whole lot of more boating options that a bigger vessel allows and be safely shown how.

Hire a boat for an hour and have one of our team show you the ins and outs, so you will be a lot safer at sea.

Please contact us online for booking enquiries.